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Why Choose Us

Best School

Sherwood not only brings excitement about the new activities and opportunities but also apprehensions about new teachers, friends or the new curriculum. Nevertheless, we have no doubt that the students together with their parents and teachers will strive to uphold the high standard set by our school. The focus of Sherwood has been not just the academics but the all round development of its students. The children gain tremendous confidence as they are encouraged to take part in various co-curricular activities.

We at Sherwood feel that a sense of discipline is very necessary to achieve success and recognition in life. Let us continue to work together to help each other become more successful. We look forward to the wholehearted support from the parents.

  • Every student get the chance to show their own talents, and our teacher help them to develop to the fullest.
  • Along with programs activities, our school providing education for all round development.
  • We always try to create a love for learning and a desire to excel at every level for students.
  • Sherwood school also aims at equipping the students with the practical and intellectual skills.

Why to choose us

Sherwood provide an environment that maximizes the learning experience , ethics leading to holistic development of a child and also encourage their intellectual growth.

Who are we

A learning community where each is free to be and grow towards the realisation of his/her highest human potential through a harmonious integration of spirit, heart, mind and body since 1995.

What we do

Our primary objective is to facilitate the all-round development of all children in a safe and nurturing environment, enabling every child to develop into a well-adjusted, confident, free-thinking global citizen.

  • CBSE Affiliation No.128756
  • 20+Years
  • 2000+Students
  • 10+Teachers
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